Eero Saksela Prize

The Eero Saksela Prize is awarded to an outstanding early-stage cancer researcher to recognize emerging talent. Emeritus Professor Eero Saksela has been instrumental in the early days and development of the Finnish Cancer Institute and a long-time Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Scientific Advisory Board. The aim of the prize awarded since 2014 is to highlight scientific merits together with international mobility and reward an excellent cancer researcher returning to Finland after a successful post-doctoral period abroad. The 5000 euros prize is presented during the Finnish Cancer Institute symposium and includes a short presentation by the awardee. In 2022, the prize was awarded to two talented cancer researchers.

Eero Saksela Prize recipients

2014 Liisa Kauppi

2016 Pekka Katajisto

2021 Juha Väyrynen

2022 Anniina Färkkilä and Toni Seppälä

FCI SAB Chair Vesa Kataja and Anniina Färkkilä, Sept 22, 2022

FCI SAB Chair Vesa Kataja and Toni Seppälä, Sept 22, 2022